Welcome to Korporatio’s monthly recap of April!

Korporatio aims to create a new generation of cutting edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world. A new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and realise their dreams.


It’s funny, I started my last monthly recap saying that I was late in writing it and I literally had Lulu, this morning, reminding me I had to write the April one. If I had to summarise the month of April in one world I have to pick ‘intense’. So many nice things to share with the community that I guess is better to get started.


As you probably know by our previous article Dashboard version 2.0 of our platform is currently live. If you didn’t get the chance to play with our demo yet, feel free to send your request here. Please remember, to use a dApp you need to have Metamask installed.

Development of new features is coming together nice and smooth. We are planning a new released by the end of next month with some new features  I’m sure many of you will love. I’m not supposed to leak information, but I can give a taste 😀 One of the new features will allow incorporation agents to upload documents directly to the dashboard. Simple things like this has an enormous impact on the user experience of how you will run your company. No more emails, no more having to save files, no more second, third messages  to agents having to ask every time for that one document. There will also be more sophisticated elements coming, but for that you’ll have to wait next month!



Panama has been officially announced as one of our jurisdictions! We are extremely happy about this achievement, in particular because Panama holds place as the second jurisdiction in the world for number of companies incorporated per calendar year. For those of you not familiar with our model, our product includes everything to get your business up and running: one package, one price, and no extra costs when you execute any company governance action. Say goodbye to having to pay US$300-US$400 every time  you need to do something in your company.

To celebrate this launch, we are offering a very juicy discount to everyone that wants to create a Smart Company in Panama, check our Twitter for more info.

Three jurisdictions is a very good result, but we are not slowing down. Pilot number four is already under development, and let’s hope we will be able to share good news  soon enough in May!


On the marketing side, April has been a month entirely dedicated to offline marketing. I was invited to join the panel at Blockchain Live Asia 2019. The panel was a classic for Korporatio: “Is current regulation unable to keep up with advances in technology?’ I had the pleasure to meet some rockstars in the legal field and couldn’t have been happier about it. Korporatio was also at Blockchain Life 2019 last week. In this case no talks, just meetings and few partnerships we should be able to announce soon.

As a marketer I can’t leave the final news out. We have also tested some offline strategies by printing some flyers with the Panama’s deal. In my career, I’ve always discussed the biggest ROI between offline and online marketing with my previous managers. I’m happy to see that online is still superior.

Last but not least, on our Discord we have added a tip bot. Considering all the nice feedbacks we are receiving from the community, probably it is time for us to give back a bit to them. On top of that, these tips are also a good vehicle to run some games and engage everyone.  So next time you want to take a break, feel free to join!


As usual, if you want to chat, join Korporatio’s Discord or send us an email at future@korporatio.com.