Welcome to our August update!

Korporatio aims to create a new generation of cutting edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world. A new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and realise their dreams.



The word to summarise August recap in simple is: passion.

This month’s update may be a bit off topic for many people. However, I do believe it is necessary to embrace the real values of the company. So if you are not in the mood for any emotional stories, just come back next month. But, if you wanna see a bit deeper of what it means to work in a startup, keep reading. 


On the product side we’ve managed to implement an entirely new notification system to ensure each shareholder can be always up to speed with a new vote or shares transfer. Simply put, we have created notifications. We did this by creating new rules to enable automated emails sent to the party involved in the specific task. This means one simple thing: no need to login everyday in the dashboard to check if something new happened. As always, you can check our Demo here.

As one of the most important topics in August, we are going to say goodbye to one of our developers. He has decided to take a break from the blockchain space and to dedicate his energy into something new. As a dreamer, I am extremely happy to see people embracing new challenges and trying to leave a mark on their story.

Changes in team members is a very typical process in young startups. Therefore, if you are a founder reading this, do not take things personally. You will have to deal with these types of situations more often than you think. Anyway, replacing a member will require a few weeks of assessment of the new person. However, our development should continue with no problems. 


Unfortunately we had to take a small step back from our pilot in BVI (British Virgin Islands). Things didn’t work out as expected, so we are now looking into alternative solutions to bring the results home. The process will take longer than what we initially projected, but again, things don’t always go as you plan. 

To keep the world ‘passion’ in mind, I would like to share a bit more. 

Our partner in BVI turned out to be not exactly what we expected. For a specific amount of time I also thought we got scammed and lost our money on the process. However, the person in charge of the Americas never doubted his skills for a moment. It took a few months, but he pushed hard enough to ensure the funds were transferred back. 

Why would this part of the story matter? 

Because you need to trust the people you have around. Individuals are talented in their own ways. When you can’t see a solution to a problem, your team might surprise you with a method you would have never thought possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Trust the people in charge of a task, and don’t let authority get to your head. Seems like a very easy thing to say, but I’ve seen too many CEOs taking tasks under their own wing simply because they were considering their team members not good enough. Don’t make the same mistake. 


This month I had the pleasure to be asked a few opinions about the situation in Africa for blockchain. A big thanks to Minuca for the opportunity! And if you are interested to read the full article, feel free to check it here.

Our partners at Blockpass launched their new marketplace and we were one of the few companies to be included since day one. Development with great partners is extremely important and we are very happy collaborations are going very well. 

I also had the pleasure to speak at the Blockchain Summit in Singapore about investment in the blockchain space. It was an incredible opportunity as I had the chance to get to know some amazing individuals and honestly can’t wait to continue some of those conversations outside the conference hall. 


As you probably already know by now, Korporatio is a fully decentralised organisation i.e all the members are based all around the globe. Therefore when there is a chance to meet, it is always a good thing. This month me and our COO visited our lead investor for a week. We had the chance to discuss opportunities at a highly strategic level as well as getting pulled into marketing crash courses organised by him directly. I learned a lot from the past week we’ve spent here and I cannot wait to put all the strategies we have thought about into practice. 

One thing that really surprised me was the personal connection we were able to develop between each other in such a short amount of time.

Don’t take me wrong, we’ve been all working together for almost 9 months at this point, so there is an understanding of who your colleagues are, however…. Have you ever spent a few more minutes to get to know the people around you? How are they, what’s their story, their values, what do they want to achieve, their story up until now. I know things like this can be difficult to achieve. I’ve read hundreds of articles about company culture, how to develop that and how to ensure everybody is aligned on the same vision and page.

The truth is: if you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by people with a similar story or an understanding of it, you’ll probably see that the next chapter you wanna write on the white pages ahead of you is extremely similar.

I’m amazed by what Korporatio has become during this year of growth, the people that dedicate their time for this and the passion, the energy and the fight everybody is putting everyday. 

My old boss used to tell me: “Building a startup is like jumping off a cliff and trying to build a plane while you are falling’. 

This is true – but to quote the movie La haine: “Till here, everything is good”.

As usual, if you want to chat, join our Discord or send us an email at future@korporatio.com.