Welcome to Korporatio’s monthly recap: June 2019!
New development, new goals for jurisdictions, operations and marketing picking up pace


Korporatio aims to create a new generation of cutting edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world. A new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and realise their dreams.



Here we are, another month is getting to its end, and things in the company are keeping everybody busy more than ever. In the previous monthly recap we have mentioned how things are switching a lot in terms of operations and strategy. This month have shown perfectly how our growth is going in the right direction.


If you haven’t had a chance to play around with our new Demo version yet, you can test it here. Please remember, to use a dApp you need to have Metamask installed. 

Development this month has focused on building an escrow model. This, in simple, allows the incorporation agent to approve or reject any actions on the dashboard. This feature allows the Smart Company to be available in countries where the Registrar needs to approve actions before they can be recorded on the network. We are talking about a back-end feature but, it will help Korporatio enter new markets.

Small UI/UX improvements has been done on the dashboard, such as a better communication system with the agent and new graphs showing movements of the shares.

On top of this, we are developing the new version of the website. We are planning to add a Jurisdiction section, and a full incorporation request fully online. Also, probably one of the most requested things ever, payments via credit/debit card. We are planning to push everything live within two months. As usual, thanks for the feedback you have given us! 



With a solid product and so much experience gained to bring the Smart Company model in offshore countries we are now ready to push to more traditional locations. 

Our goal is to reach as many countries as possible. Last December, the goal was to be available in 3 different countries by the end of 2019. We were able to reach that goal by half of Q2, which means… we had to set new goals 😉 

Currently, we’re working to expand our Smart Company model in 4 more countries. Some of them should be launching in July, so check our Twitter or Linkedin to see the big news. 

This new situation has given us enough confidence to target a goal of 10 countries by the end of 2019. This, should give a choice to set up a Smart Company to a broad range of jurisdictions across the world.

We will try our best to keep the model as it is right now: a simple, ready to go turn-key solution, that changes only based on the jurisdiction you select. However, laws in many countries are different for citizens and non-citizens, which means we might end up having two different packages per a specific country based on where the shareholders are residents. 


It is amazing to see how many people reach out to our website every single day! We wish to be able to reply to everybody but unfortunately, it does happen that we miss out on some of you guys. If so, please leave your email if you wanna get contacted back. We value your privacy a lot, therefore we have no way of getting in contact with you once you leave the website, without you giving your email address. 

Regarding all the students that are reaching out for opportunities of internship with us, thank you. It is amazing to see how our brand is growing and how people are interested in spending their first work experience with us. We haven’t really considered this option before, as we are quite lean as a team but now with the pace we’re growing, we may need to start considering taking more hands in to help. So feel free to reach out as always and even specify what exactly you’d be interested in, if there is a match, we would be more than happy to have you onboard. 



Last month I mentioned that every month has a different approach for the marketing strategy. June has been a month dedicated to preparing the material for the two events we will attend in July. The 4th of July we will be in Italy at Piazza Toscana, an event where startups will meet corporations to explore common ground, close deals, discuss synergies and present products. If you are around, feel free to come and say hi – we’ll have some goodies for you! 

One week later, we will be in Hong Kong at RISE  for the period 8-11 July. We got the pleasure of being selected as one of the Alpha Startups and decided to jump on the opportunity. We will have a booth on the 9th of July and be in town for the entire week, so if you wanna grab a coffee or a beer in the evening, feel free to ping any of us in the team. 

July will mark a full first time for Korporatio, as we have never attended an event as a participating startup. We have always sent people as speakers, keynotes or panels. We are extremely excited to see what it will happen. 

If you happen to be at the conference and want to have a chat at our booth, we will be happy to give you some gadgets for the time you have dedicated us! 

As usual, if you want to chat, join our Discord or send us an email at future@korporatio.com.