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Why tokenize real estate when you can tokenize entire companies? 

Common misconceptions and the latest updates of tokenizing assets.

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5 Reasons Why Blockchain-enabled Businesses are in level playing-field

From startup to corporation and influencers to investors, blockchain-enabled models can give you a silver bullet over competitors.

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Tokenization of Illiquid Assets shaping lives of Millennials

Unlocking the potential of trillions and the emergence of new economic models. Dive in to learn more!

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kororatio april update

Korporatio’s Monthly Recap: April 2019

Stay in the loop and see what happened in April!

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Traveler with in the background a vision of blockchain and world impact

Future of Corporate Governance Through Blockchain

Regulated and blockchain-powered Smart Companies are paving the way for future corporate governance.

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Digital Nomads: 7 Reasons For Smart Company

The rise of remote entrepreneurship and the potential of Smart Companies

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Korporatio and Blockpass

Korporatio and Blockpass Join Forces

New Year starts with a new Partnership - and a limited time offer for Early Birds!

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Korporatio and AbacasXchange signed partnership

Korporatio and AbacasXchange signed partnership

AbacasXchange allows trading of Smart Companies.

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Korporatio joins Civic

Korporatio joins Civic’s Partner Network!

From today, you can run your KYC via Civic when setting up a Smart Company.

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Pay you Korporatio smart company via Coingate

Buy your Smart Company in cryptos via CoinGate

Setting up a Smart Company just became much easier.

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