Our team has another important achievement to announce. From today, every user will be able to pay for his/her Smart Company with every possible crypto – thanks to our new integration with CoinGate.


CoinGate is a service that allows for merchants payment and automatic conversion in fiat currencies. In short you will be able to pay with any major crypto, for example BAT, and CoinGate will automatically convert the BATs into USD or EUR.


This is a graceful addition to our model. Before today it was possible to pay either via bank transfer or via BTC or ETH, now thanks to CoinGate the list of cryptos that we accept is became quite long.


The full list


Litecoin (LTC);

Bitcoin Cash (BCH);

Ripple (XRP);

ZCash (ZEC);

Ethereum Classic (ETC);

Monero (XMR);

Dash (DASH);

Aragon (ANT);

Basic Attention Token (BAT);

Binance Coin (BNB);

Bancor (BNT);

Blackcoin (BLK);

Civic (CVC);

Decred (DCR);

DigiByte (DGB);

Dogecoin (DOGE);

Edgeless (EDG);

GameCredits (GAME);

Gnosis (GNO);

Golem (GNT);

Matchpool (GUP);

Komodo (KMD);

LBRY Credit (LBC);


Numeraire (NMR);


OmiseGO (OMG);

PotCoin (POT);

Polymath (POLY);

Qtum (QTUM);

Augur (REP);

ReddCoin (RDD);

Ripio Credit Network (RCN);

iExec RLC (RLC);

Salt (SALT);

Siacoin (SC);

Status (SNT);

Storj (STORJ);

Swarm City (SWT);

Waves (WAVES);

0x (ZRX);

Tether (USDT).


Yes, we now accept payment in 42 different cryptos. How many real services do you know that let you pay with basically every possible coin you have. Finally, you can now keep investing and accumulating and at the same time setting up your Smart Company with Korporatio and start your business.


The process

For payment in Bitcoin and Ethereum we will still go with our current approach, we will send the invoice to our users and instead of having the bank details we will add the BTC or ETH address. Classic and simple, as all blockchain functions should be. For all other options, we will send the invoice and include the link to the cart on CoinGate. Therefore, as a user, you will just have to transfer your coins to the CoinGate address shown in your browser window and you will be all set.

Once the coins arrive, CoinGate automatically converts them and deposits into our account the fiat currency that we have selected, in our specific case we will probably convert them in USD as that is the type of currency we use most.

One thing we need to figure out is whether we can have a standalone invoice or if the model can be automated. You know… maybe we might want to keep part of the payment in the original coins users send to us. Because we love the cryptos (and it saves on transaction costs).

Anyway, we have once again improved the workflow to set up a Korporatio’s Smart Company. If you want to use your coins, no more must you go to an exchange first and wait for the withdraw to happen etc. etc. From now on, you just pay in your least favorite coin and we’ve got you covered.

Still not concluded is the ability to pay with credit and debit cards, but the cut the merchants are demanding is not really attractive. So this crucial feature will take a little longer, but for the moment, we have made another step in the right direction.

Set up a Smart Company and pay with whatever crypto you want!

As usual if you wanna chat with us or learn more about what we are doing and working on feel free to join our Discord!