In the era of smart-everything it was about time that someone came up with a new solution to put the word smart somewhere else.

Yes, I’m talking about us and the Smart Company.

We are a team fully focused on delivering good solutions to our clients, enabling the disruption of those innovation-resistant sectors where barriers are set up to inhibit progress. In this case, the formation of a new company.

Traditional incorporation

Setting up a company is a bit of a pain: there can be lots of forms to complete with multiple different stakeholders, and is generally a lengthy and time consuming process. In countries such as Italy, setting up a business entity can take up to 30 days. While in business-friendlier regions like Singapore or offshore jurisdictions, this can still be a matter of weeks from inception to completion.  

Disrupting a model like this doesn’t require any crazy technology, just a better workflow. It would be naive to claim that all incorporation agents are slow, it’s simply the infrastructure and the system they operate in. So this is where we come in. And it’s not just there we offer added value. Our solution is even more beneficial once your company has been incorporated!

Here’s why. After a traditional incorporation, you will remain locked into the same old-school environment that got you there. This means that every time you want to do something, you will have to complete modules, send emails, wait for days, and of course, pay a lot of money. Incorporation agents make the majority of their income from these extra actions that you will so often require during the course of a year.

Let’s look at an example.

Say, after two months of incorporation a new company, you manage to convince your mom to give you a small investment to fund your idea. Your mom sends you the cash and in response you want to send her the corresponding shares. In order to do this you will need to sign a few forms, wait for the agent to run a KYC check on your mom, and then pay a transaction fee of around US$300.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that this model is quite costly and inefficient. There must be a better way to do it, which is why we have created the Smart Company.

Compared to traditional business types, a Smart Company is a hybrid model of a Limited Company (Ltd) and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), making the model first of its kind combining full legal compliance and the advantages of blockchain technology such as speed, technical resistance and transparency.

Furthermore, it allows people to gain control of their company without having to spend a fortune every time they want to make a change.

Let’s take the previous example.

With a Smart Company, the Korporatio agent would still need to run the KYC (we don’t want illegal things happening, even if we are sure your mom is the sweetest person on earth). Once the KYC is completed, you will be able to send her the shares in just a few seconds. This means goodbye to manual, lengthy forms as it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the entire transfer. And most importantly, instead of paying US$300, it will cost you a few cents. Now you can spend that US$300 to take her out for a dinner and thank her for believing in you!

This is really a small example yet explains the advantage of a Smart Company.

Let’s see what else you can do with it: 

1. Give power to shareholders.

Decisions are no longer limited to directors. Therefore, you no longer need make them through a slow and arduous process in the boardroom, where you may have misalignment of interests between the Board, the management, and the shareholders. Everybody, even those with a single share, can now contribute to the company going in the right direction.

2. Real-time transfers

You can vote or transfer corporate shares in a matter of minutes instead of days, and at a cost that will not affect your business.

3. Security

It is secure! We run everything on the Ethereum blockchain. The key of this model is decentralization, which means that your data is stored in a much more secure way than the local machine in your incorporation agents office.

4. Accuracy

Less mistakes. When rules are written in smart contracts, we no longer need human intervention to check and write operations. This alone add value a in a space that is error-ridden way too often!

5. Transparency

It is more transparent. All company records are publically available on a decentralised ledger. This data is then distributed over tens of millions of computers around the world.  


To summarise all of this in just a few words, you get something that works better and is cheaper. So why not use it?

You are probably wondering about a few things:

  1. Is it legal?
  2. If the Smart Company is so much better and cheaper –  where is the catch?

We are fully compliant. A Smart Company via Korporatio today is legally recognized as a private limited entity (e.g. IBC, Pte., LLC). It complies with the respective jurisdiction it operates in and today, Smart Companies are available in Seychelles, Wyoming, United States, Panama, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Singapore.

Whether or not our model is compliant is essential. And we do get asked what is the difference between a Smart Company and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Well, we are 100% legally compliant. A DAO, for as much as it is a beautiful piece of technology, is not and consequently has no legal consequence in the real world.

And the catch – there is none!

We are able to offer a low service fee simply because we are disrupting an existing, inefficient industry.

Just as e-banking solutions such as TransferWise has disrupted the banking sector, we are disrupting business incorporations. We’re doing this by removing the need of paperwork and unnecessary agents sitting around in random offices. And we are confident that our solution is beneficial enough to encourage people across the world to set up a Smart Company.

We are always available to answer any question, and if you would like to run a check on how a Smart Company looks like, just click on our Demo and have a look!