Let’s get one thing straight; we are not an incorporation agent, we have superb partners for that.

We offer dApp creation and deployment on the Ethereum Network of your Smart Company (SC). SC’s are inclusive of all the common features that come with incorporation, plus a whole lot more. Just to name a few:

  • Name check and approval
  • Issuing of Shares
  • Memorandum and Articles
  • Company incorporation
  • Business address in the Seychelles
  • Directors approval and registration to the platform
  • Money laundering check and approval (KYC)

All of the above checks and the documentation production are handled by our partner, A.C.T. Offshore. This partnership allows us to provide you with an entirely legal company and its own dApp, together forming your personal SC.


We wish it could be free. However, to develop a secure solution and to keep the business running, we need to ensure that we have the resources to do this.


Therefore, we charge a small fee. For less than a coffee per day, you get everything you need to run your venture. This includes also the government fees!

Interested in the cost of incorporation? Drop us a line at future@korporatio.com.

The standard features that you need to manage and run your company on Korporatio are all included in the set up cost. However, for all non-standard actions, we’ve also got you covered. We have the ability – at your request – to change directors, share amounts, memorandum, to open a bank account, etc. These additional custom features have a reasonable price in relation to the complexity of the request.


How to manage your new company

To reiterate, your SC is an International Business Company (IBC) in the Seychelles. More specifically, management actions such as approving new shareholders, transferring shares, launching a new proposal and voting can be done all by accessing your dApp via metamask.

While your IBC will be incorporated in Seychelles, for companies that are not conducting business onshore, book keeping is a breeze, including no tax submissions at the end of the financial year. In essence, we have included all governance costs of your company in the ongoing annual charge.


So, you haven’t exactly figured out how we are making money? Don’t worry, we have! 

We make a little profit from the incorporation and deployment of your SC. Basically, the formation cost covers the cost of incorporation (through A.C.T Offshore), development of your smart contracts, dApp creation, and the government fees.

We are one with the community; this is why we are committing to lowering our fees as the number of SCs  increase.

Again, we commit to being 100% transparent with our offering and our revenue models. And we look forward to supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs. Want to know anything else about us?

Drop us a line at future@korporatio.com.