What better way to start the New Year than with an announcement of a new partnership!

Korporatio partners with Blockpass IDN to automate the Know Your Customer (KYC) process during Smart Company incorporation, enabling a faster and smoother way of setting up your next business.

Korporatio x Blockpass

Blockpass is a blockchain identity protocol for the connected world. Think a bit of something like Civic or Selfkey, but with a twist. It offers shared regulatory and compliance service for humans, enabling a streamlined user onboarding. This allows users to create, store and manage a data-secure digital identity that can be used for an entire ecosystem of services.

Majority of blockchain solutions in the space enable certificates that are issued directly by them. This means that every verification needs to be approved separately by each jurisdiction. Blockpass took a different approach to the problem. The verification is run by companies that are already approved by the EU, making Blockpass as a product fully ready and legally compliant.


So what does this means for our users? You will be able to sign in the platform, add your digital identity and run your KYC/AML – all with just one click. Also, we have added the incorporation form online – so you will be able to run the entire incorporation process at one go. Remember that, however, we are always available to help!

Imagine you could setup your Smart Company from start to finish with full legal compliance, fully online. Well, no need to imagine, because everything is live from today!

We understand documents, ownership titles and exchanging shares are at the core of any business. Therefore, building a decentralized ecosystem of partners that compliment our services are crucial. This enables our users the real-time, error-proof and cost-effective workflow needed for next generation business models.

Partnership Offer

Oh, and there’s more. To celebrate this partnership, we’re offering 40 free PASS Tokens for new users! All you need to do is set up your Smart Company through Blockpass’ verification service ‘KYC Connect’. And on top of that, we’ll offer a 20% discount to early birds ready to act this week – starting today 2nd of January until 9th January 2019.

In other words, if you set up a Smart Company between 2-9th of January and use Blockpass for your KYC, you will receive a 20% off your Smart Company + 40 PASS Tokens to your wallet.  

You know how much we love to let others share their thoughts. So, to end this post we’d like to quote Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass:  

“We are excited to partner with Korporatio in their efforts to improve the experience of starting and running a business. At Blockpass we are dedicated to providing identity solutions. And as we are developing a company identity solution to compliment our human identity verification solution, we hope to continue to work closely with Korporatio as we progress. The future of business and commerce is through blockchain ecosystems. And we are proud to contribute to furthering this goal.”


If you forgot to make it your New Year’s resolution to join our Discord, don’t worry – you can still do it today.