Here we go with our second official monthly recap!


Korporatio aims to create a new generation of cutting edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world. A new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and realise their dreams.



September marks an extremely important month for the Korporatio’s development. As you are probably familiar with blockchain development, in order to keep security as high as possible and offer decentralisation at the same time, the most popular way to ensure the two factors are always in place is by deploying the entire logic into a smart contract. This brings an important problem. If you need to update the code you will need to redeploy the entire smart contract. As you can understand this model doesn’t allow for proper scalability.

We have focused our energies to develop a new framework able to keep the two factors together and ensure scalability can be present as well.

Not only have we developed the new framework, we have also started the code of the new architecture. We are now running tests. Ideally by next month we will be able to switch to the new model.

For the developers out there we have solved the issue by implementing an ERC-930. The entire model works as before, it is legal and approved in Seychelles. We will write a small paper to provide our research to everybody interested in learning more.



In our previous monthly recap we mentioned how September would have been the month of marketing, therefore we have quite a lot of news to shares on this part:

  1. We have automated the communication on our tawk plugin into our website, the plugin was already available, but we have tweaked a few elements based on feedback we have received.
  2. Pop-up to join our newsletter is now available on all pages, so if you don’t use an RSS there is nothing to worry about, just subscribe and we will keep you up to date. We send one email a month with our monthly recap, so really, we don’t bust people’s balls.
  3. A small improvement has been done in the leads generation form at the bottom of the home page. As per tawk, the model is now automated so we can be sure to touch base with every single person that gets in contact with us.
  4. Our Twitter account grew quite a bit over the last 30 days. We have reached the 100 followers! If you wanna follow us you can do it here.
  5. We have launched our Linkedin page.



We have signed a new partnership with Gilded, an accounting software provider for blockchain companies. We will publish an article in the following days to explain everything about it, so be sure to check our blog to read about it.

In short, this partnership will enable the possibility to our users to keep their bookkeeping denominated in their favourite crypto instead of a traditional currency.



Every startup that wants to swim in the legal world needs to follow the legal rules, therefore we are happy to announce we have applied for the Korporatio trademark. It will take 6-9 months before the trademark gets approved but we are already allowed to use the ‘TM’ next to our logo. On top of that we have also purchased some new domains to ensure as little misunderstanding as possible.

We are now owners of,,,,,, and It is impossible to buy every possible domain related to us, so we took just the most logical ones, but please, to go to our website just use the .com extension. Forget all the others, it’s easier.



We have incorporated two new companies. Coming soon we will be publishing interviews on our incorporated companies, stay tuned for our next monthly recap!

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