Here we go with our August recap! 

Korporatio aims to create a new generation of cutting edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world. A new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and realise their dreams.



There is nothing better than sharing some good updates to show how things are still improving at Korporatio. We have delivered quite a lot lately. And we have also started some new important steps that will ensure the future of our little company. 



We promised an update on the website, we explained it, we delayed it, I mean…. We had every possible obstacle around this thing, but, we are finally live! 

Let’s put a bit of summary for those of you who are looking to learn more. On our website, here, you now have an entire new section: jurisdictions! 


From there, you can pick the jurisdiction you prefer and have a quick look of their key advantages. If you wish to learn more, on the bottom of each page you will find three different articles. Each article is created with the same formula to keep things consistent and provide the highest amount of information to everyone who comes to our website with the question: Which jurisdiction shall I pick? 

The first article is for the jurisdiction specifically, the second is about the difference between a Smart Company and a traditional company in the specific jurisdiction and the third, it’s about all the benefits you can have with a Smart Company

We get a lot of questions daily about which jurisdiction is better. Or what is the difference between X and Y etc. All these new pages will solve exactly those questions so you don’t have to wait for a reply on the chat. At this point, if you want to take a step back, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to start a Smart Company, a great place to start.

Automated order process

Once you are ready to move forward, you will be able to place your order. It’s all automatic, so again, no human interaction involved. You can pay with basically any method you prefer: debit card, credit card, paypal. And yes, wire transfer is still there. I think the only missing option now is WePay, but we will get there in time. 

Until here, literally no human interaction required.

We will get in touch with you once you’ve submitted your order. And we will send you the complete form if there’s any missing information. We still need to run due diligence on all shareholders, so get ready to submit those copies of passport and proofs of address at a later stage. 

This update marks the first step of our expansion plan. The final one is obviously increasing the marketing budget, but there is a step in the middle that needs to be developed a bit more 🙂 

Ethereum and L2

We have shipped a big update and it’s incredible, but there is more…. We have started the migration on L2 of ETH as gas price has been over the roof in the past months. This shouldn’t be a surprised as majority of blockchain companies are doing exactly the same thing. We are considering different solutions and we are taking the time to ensure we are not rushing this out. Ideally we would like to complete this process within two months, but, as we have never done anything like this before, it will take the time it needs. 

All existing Smart Companies will still run on ETH Main Net and nothing will happen to those companies. The use of L2 will be considered only for new companies. We will not stop the support for ETH so if one day gas price will be low, or if you wish to have your Smart Company specifically on ETH, we will still be able to support that option. 



Our collaboration with the team at hardforking is growing and we have managed to create some more videos during this month. 

We have managed to record a total of 3 videos together: 

  1. The first is about Polkadot;
  2. The second is about NFTs and blockchain gaming;
  3. The third is a promo for a new show I got invited to be one of the main hosts. We will be able to meet a lot of new founders and who knows, some of those might will convert their entity into a Smart Company;

Regarding the last promo video, that will be a weekly show. So ideally, we should be able to produce 4 more videos each month. As per brand and awareness, it is very positive news for Korporatio because if the show becomes popular, so will Korporatio.

Video marketing still works?

Last part is more of a pick in the future. I’ve mentioned earlier that I wanted to start playing with more experiments. So we will dedicate next weeks to push out some videos. I’m not sure if this is a good or a terrible strategy, but with some good old FIAT invested into understanding if video marketing can be a channel for us, it’s worth a shot. As we have done it with PreSearch, we will share some data once we have it. 


We could have picked ‘Sales’ as the last part of August recap, but there is something a bit more important we would like to share with all of you. Oh, by the way, sales are good and the changes we have made to the workflow have turned out to be very effective! 

Many months ago we shared that Korporatio got approved as a trademark in the EU. That was big news, but today we have to double down on it.  

It has been a journey of around 12-18 months but we finally got it:

We are happy to share with all of you that our trademark has been approved and completed in the US. 

Yes, we are not talking about the little ™ you normally find next to names, but the real deal, the ®!

We will have to update all material now as it is a requirement to show we own the registered logo and name. And to be honest, we are extremely happy about it. Especially, since it was such a long process that more than once, I felt like we’d be better off just giving up. 

For the next 10 years, we are quite protected, but this doesn’t mean our legal efforts are going to stop here. We just need to prioritize the next step in the best possible way. 


For the month of August, this is everything we have to share, as usual, if you like to chat feel free to join our Discord at