Here we go with our July recap! 


Korporatio aims to create a new generation of cutting edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world. A new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and realise their dreams.



What a month! We have just achieved our biggest revenue in a single month since ever and this has required a lot of adjustment in the daily work. It’s amazing to see our little company growing 🙂



Over the past months, I’ve shared how we were going to launch the new forms and online payments but unfortunately, things have changed a lot in these past 31 days.  

Don’t take me wrong, that update is still on the roadmap and it will happen pretty soon – we have also managed to make some additional steps in the process. But we were just not able to reach the finish line yet. 

The number of requests this month has been testing our company capacity by a lot.

We had to spend a lot of time deploying smart contracts for new users and monitoring the best moment to run those codes as gas price issues are still there. It’s incredible to have reached our best month yet. So a warm welcome to all the new users who are now running a Smart Company!

In fact, this is the first month our workflow got to a point where it almost reached its full capacity. Plus, unfortunately I had to leave the team for nearly 2 weeks as I got dengue fever, so I couldn’t help in any way. Yet deployments have happened all in time and all users got their companies. Big kudos to the team for running the show! 

I’m very happy something like this has happened as it shows a major problem of being a small team. However, it also shows how automation allows you to scale without changing too much. We are a startup, so it’s very nice to keep improving. 

We will now go back to focus on that famous update and hopefully, we will be able to share everything in the next monthly update 🙂


On the marketing side we have focused our attention to video creation! 

Apparently the team of hardforking was happy with the past videos we have created and have asked me to go back for more. 

We have managed to record a total of 4 videos together: 

  1. The first is about the famous Twitter Hack that happened this month;
  2. The second is about DeFi;
  3. The third is about how to use Metamask and Uniswap. How to set up a metamask wallet is a question we get quite often, so if you don’t want to use Portis, check the first part of that video to learn everything;
  4. The fourth and final is about how to add liquidity into a pool. 

We are going to produce more content with the team of Hardforking as it turned out it helps a lot with brand and awareness. Plus, not going to lie, I’m actually enjoying it a lot. 

It is essential for companies to build a proper conversion funnel but what Korporatio is lacking mostly is awareness. Not many people know about us and what we do. Therefore focusing some of our attention to increase our brand reputation is actually very important and key to keep up a healthy growth. 


This monthly recap is actually quite short, because we focused all our energies in creating more Smart Companies. However, it is essential to give an overview of what is happening to our sales in relation to the jurisdictions. 

1st place

Our top jurisdiction has been and still remains Seychelles. The number of Smart Companies created in the country is actually growing every week and we believe it is because the overall package: it’s the best all-in-one solution to really embrace the full potential of the Smart Company model. 

2nd place

Singapore gets second place. Referrals have helped growing this jurisdiction to be quite important for our strategy and considering the much higher revenue that is generated per package sold, this may potentially become the top spot in the upcoming months. 

3rd place

Wyoming comes in third. Our cheapest jurisdiction is losing a lot of margin against the first two spots. The U.S. in general is not having a great year at the moment, -32% in GDP according to the news that came out today. 

We are actually seeing a huge reverse in trends. Instead of having people asking to open companies in the U.S. we are now having more US citizens asking to open companies abroad. 

It’s a very unique moment in history but we are working on a new model to ensure our offer can become even more relevant for people who want a Smart Company in the US. 

4th place

Panama takes the fourth spot. It doesn’t seem like such a good position but in reality, we are super happy for this achievement. Our internal data is showing that Panama is becoming the way to go for crypto companies. The lack of crypto regulation makes it super interesting for blockchain projects and right now, we are having more than 90% of use cases related to blockchain for all Smart Companies created there. It has a huge potential and we will work to tailor some interesting things around it. 

5th place

Last is St. Vincent. The small offshore country is still not gaining enough attention. Something is starting to move but to be honest, this is a country where we still have to figure out how to embrace its full potential. We certainly have a lot of work to do there but we do understand that the $300 in fees for every share transfer does make it viable only to a very limited number of use cases. 


For the month of July, this is everything we have to share, as usual, if you like to chat feel free to join our Discord at