Welcome to our October update!

Korporatio aims to create a new generation of cutting edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world. A new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and realise their dreams.



October has been a month of pain, mistakes, problems and in general a month I can’t wait to be over. So many things happened during this period that I’m writing this on my smartphone because my tiny little MacBook 12” got some tea on it and the keyboard is completely gone. You know when you read about all the success stories of entrepreneurs? Well, this journey seems to be exactly the opposite of it. Anyway, enough negativity, and let’s roll with the story.



The first and very important update is related to the code structure. Solidity got updated and we had to update all contracts. It took a bit of time, and we had to push some deployment and spend some gas, but we’ve said it from day one and we keep our promises: you will always get unlimited updates on your smart company, completely free of charge.

The second, and most interesting part, is related to the gas station development. We have made progress and should manage to publish such a huge update by the end of the year. Those of you not familiar with what a gas station is, it’s built to improve blockchain UX. One of the persisting issues in the space has been on-boarding users on dApps, without making users feel overcommitted with gas fees. Or even more, non-blockchain users that don’t know what a gas fee is.

Adding this new logic requires a lot of work as many of the logics between contracts need to be changed. With the gas station, you will be able to join a Smart Company without the need of having ETH to your wallet, as long as you’re KYC-verified of course.

However, if you are planning to get some extra shares from one of the other shareholders, you will need a bit of ETH on your own, otherwise you could basically get the shares for free. It makes sense and will make everybody’s life easier. Most importantly, it will reduce friction, and the UX will almost be at the level of a non-blockchain product.

With solidity updated we also managed to deploy a few SCs for inventory purpose. This will help saving some extra time during the setup phase.


You have read about Singapore. I know you did. Because the amount of emails and requests to grab a coffee has been absolutely insane. We have never experienced such a high attention around a new jurisdiction and I would like to say a big thank you to all of you!

I’ve been receiving personal messages and connection requests from so many people during this month that to be honest… These are exactly the things that keeps the team motivated during these moments. It’s amazing to see we are building such a lovely community around this project.

So what’s next?

Well, we are trying to pull one of our miracles and open a new jurisdiction by the end of November. It’s not confirmed, and we are pushing for it. This one is quite close to me, because I lived in that country for a small part of my life. But, you are not here for a romantic movie. This jurisdiction will have a very big bonus, so on top of the Smart Company, with the classic model you already know by now, there will be a possibility to do something much more.

Again, as things are not fully confirmed yet, I cannot share too much at this stage, but if we manage to make it happen it will be incredible for the entire blockchain community.


1,000 followers on LinkedIn!

With 2 months ahead of our timeline we have reached a very nice result.

If you are in Malta the 26 of November, our Head of Partnerships, Davide, will be presenting the Smart Company model at Block Finance. The half-day event is quite a high level one with a lot of lawyers and people from the regulatory industry of both Malta and Germany. If you want to come say ‘hi’ or learn more about the Smart Companies, you are always welcome. Especially, if you are interested in learning more about STOs in Europe, that is probably the best venue as everything that will be said is actually detailed and 100% true.

Last, we got two tickets for the Malta Summit. Each ticket goes for $300 so if you are planning on going there and want to save some bucks, just ping us at future@korporatio.com and we will be happy to sort you out. Of course, if in the process you want to set up a Smart Company it will be much appreciated 🙂


The integration with Self-Key is going ahead of schedule. Initially we wrote we wanted to make it available by the end of November, but it seems we will be able to launch it a few weeks earlier.
We will post on both Twitter and LinkedIn when the system will be up and running so be sure to check one of the two channels around half-way through the month.

Why is this integration important? Because you will be able to send a link to whomever you need to be a shareholder in your company and the person will be able to execute the KYC even via mobile if they want. Just remember, you will always need to submit a copy of your ID and your proof of address. So no matter what, be sure to have those files always with you. Never know, you might get some free shares just by grabbing a beer with someone.

To conclude this monthly recap, a final thank you to all the new users that have setup a Smart Company and to the old ones that have renewed for the second year.

On behalf of the entire Korporatio team, we will do our best, every single day, to ensure manual corporate governance will always be a thing of the past.

As usual, if you want to chat, join our Discord or send us an email at future@korporatio.com.