Here we go with the October recap for Korporatio!


Korporatio aims to create a new generation of cutting edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world. A new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and realise their dreams.



As we mentioned in our previous official recap we have started the development of the new architecture. We have pushed every single day to reach a level very near the production stage.

Today we can let you know that we have deployed the new architecture on test-net and we will be able to move to main-net within the next few weeks.

Just to be sure this is fully clear: we have created the first company running legally on the blockchain in February 2018. What we are developing now is a better version of our logic in order to allow an ongoing improvement of each Smart Company. You can already use our solution, as all our users are already doing every single day. We are just going to make things much better with this new code.

As soon as we finalise the final tests on main-net and we start incorporating the new Smart Companies (SCs) using our new logic, it will be time to migrate the existing SCs to the new architecture. This process will take a bit of time as we need the cooperation of each director of each Smart Company. So if you are running a Smart Company powered by Korporatio, get ready to check your inbox in the following weeks!


The model we have almost completed is very unique and important for the future of Korporatio, therefore we will talk about it for quite sometimes. You can expect from us a development of a nice paper, even if we don’t have a timeline for it, just yet.

On top of the code we have also completed the design of the new Smart Company dashboard. Yes, we hear all of you very clear. The new design is dope! The feedback is extremely positive, and we have finally reached a level worthy of a company like ours. We will start the implementation of the new design in November and our plan is to deliver a first iteration of it within the end of the year.

With new architecture, new code and new design we can totally consider Q4 2018 as the start of the second phase of Korporatio.



On the Marketing side October has been a month of learning and adjusting. Twitter is by far the social media that is giving us the best results. We will keep pushing in that direction as we are getting in contact with a lot of nice people!

We got mentioned in an article by Finance Magnates on the future of the ICO funds. As a company that deals with regulations about the crypto space everyday. We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to share our knowledge any time we can.

We also got STICKERS! To be fully honest we were not expecting people to be so interested in having our stickers. But, I ended up making some good friends at the post office. If you wish to get some Korporatio stickers, just drop us a line at and we will send them to wherever you are.



We have secured a few partnerships that are extremely important for our brand and future, and we are currently working on the best way to announce all of this to you. We have been working all month under the radar to develop a few prototypes so be sure to add our blog to your RSS, because in November we will most likely be publishing more than our normal 2 articles per month.

The hero of this month is the code, as the team has done an amazing work on making something I have personally never seen anywhere else before. So, I’m asking to all of you to be a bit patient, as in November we are going to drop some incredible news.



The last section must be dedicated to the team. October marked a month of growth and expansion, in fact we added 3 new people on the tech side. Big projects require big people and we couldn’t be happier to have selected some talented individuals that will make Korporatio even better. However, we need to address one important thing: our business side of the company is lacking talented individuals. If you know a very good BD or sales person, send them our way, as we need a bit of balance in the group.

For this month this is everything we have to share, as usual, we would love your feedback, and please join our Discord.