2018 is coming to an end. We thought it would be good to write a year review article instead of the classic monthly recap. The style of the article is the same as usual, feel free to jump where you prefer.



This year we have seen the development of our first live version. The growth and business expansion pushed us to develop a second version of the architecture. That was completed in Q4, and the improvements that comes with it are many. We were able to complete the design of the new version (2.0), which will be the main character of 2019.

Korporatio’s dApp is stable, gas-friendly, and quite easy to use, but you already know this. We need more features, better UX/UI and a product able to stand up against other blockchain players. The team is planning a roadmap for quite intense development, as we want to push updates as fast as we can. We will share a bit more in January about what we have in mind.



More than a year review, this section will be a Q4 review. Marketing only started in September, but it is a sector that brought good results as well. We have launched our Twitter and LinkedIn page, as well as our monthly newsletter, and the content calendar with two articles per month on the blog. The team has run some PPC test campaigns to identify the area where we want to target our spending. Korporatio got mentioned in few blockchain articles, as proof that we are in this sector to increase mainstream adoption. We ran a couple of workshops and another couple of invitations at conferences as speakers.

In 2019 we will focus our energies on more tests, and campaign building. It is essential to optimize every dollar spent and increase our branding and awareness. We will push to be part of more articles to increase our reputation in the space as well as different channels like podcasts. Experiments like the stickers gave us a lot of smiles, so we will print more for anybody who wants them!



This is probably one of the most interesting sections to read about. We have signed 9 partnerships this year. I can talk in depth about each of them but if you have been following our Twitter you will already know each of them. On paper 9 partnerships in such a short time seems incredible. Unfortunately not all partnerships are the same.

As we wrote before, 2019 will focus our energy to complete integration with 3 different companies: Blockpass, AbacasXchange and Gilded. The rest of the year will be used to identify specific players we can collaborate with. In simple terms, more quality over quantity.



I wrote in a past article that our strategy is fast hire – fast fire. 2018 has been very active on the team building side. At Korporatio, everybody is allowed to work wherever and whenever they want. The entire company culture is based on tasks delivery. The team has grown from 1 man player to a nice size of 9 individuals.

In 2019 our attention will be on improving teamwork and communication. The number of hands available should be enough to bring Korporatio to the next funding round. I’m sure the next year review will be really interesting.



As you are all well aware, at the moment Smart Companies are a reality only in the Seychelles. We have started in Q4 the talk to add the second jurisdiction, and we will share more around Q1 of 2019.

One or two jurisdictions are a good start, and allow the building of a solid company, but it is not enough to build an industry standard. As 2019 will decrease energies on the number of partnerships to sign, these energies are going to be spent to gain more jurisdictions. We have added a new advisor to help us achieve exactly this. We are currently at a speed of one new jurisdiction per year. Our goal in 2019 is to add at least two new jurisdictions. Ideally this should generate a snowball effect and open the doors to a fast future for Smart Companies adoption.



The best for last. For the conclusion of our year review is time to talk about our Smart Companies. Korporatio can now count users from 14 countries:

  • Italy;
  • Canada;
  • Germany;
  • Netherlands;
  • Russia;
  • India;
  • Singapore;
  • Seychelles;
  • Ivory Coast;
  • Belgium;
  • Thailand;
  • Portugal;
  • Ukraine;
  • Portugal;
  • United Kingdom.

The number of Smart Companies is increasing month over month. The sectors these companies are operating in, it is simply incredible:

  • Blockchain;
  • Fintech;
  • Tech Startups;
  • Sport players;
  • Social media influencers;
  • Commodities production;
  • Transportation;
  • Commodities extractions;
  • Ecommerce;
  • Games production;
  • IP holders;
  • Energy.

With no surprises the Blockchain and Startup sectors are the ones bringing the majority of the creations. However, it is amazing to see that the number of traditional sectors is increasing month over month.

By no doubts, the number of Smart Companies is what define the success of our company. 2018 has been a test year for the first half and a starting point for the second part. As everything is now set, 2019 will be the year of achieving a 10x.



There you have it, our year review. In a few lines, all the milestones and future plans of Korporatio for 2018 and 2019. We all wanna thank you! We wouldn’t be here without our community, you guys are being amazing with every feedback you send over. As usual remember that you can email us at future@korporatio.com or join our Discord. We are sure you are going to be very happy with what we will achieve in 2019. But, for 2018, this is it. From the entire Korporatio team, we wish you happy holidays and an amazing 2019!