We mentioned in our previous recap that this month we start our new marketing strategy. That’s why we’re pleased to announce Korporatio has joined the Brave Publishers Network.

Brave is the new browser created by Brendan Eich, one of the co-creators of Mozilla. The crypto related to Brave is the BAT, or Basic Attention Token. This is one of the most famous tokens in the cryptoverse.

Brave is an amazing browser with a few, essential features:

    1. Ad and tracker blocking.
    2. High privacy and direct connection with TOR.
    3. Essential plug-ins directly available to everybody.
    4. Crypto ready.

To us, the last point is most important. At Korporatio we use MetaMask as a wallet to access each Smart Company but,  unfortunately, MetaMask for Chrome has some problems. More than once we have had to reinstall everything because the system was simply forgetting our tokens. That put us on the search for a better solution and when we started using Brave the errors plummeted to zero.


We have loved Brave since that day.


We now recommend it to all our clients. Some of our clients are blockchain natives so they don’t really need our guidance, but for those using the system for the first time, the people that have never had a wallet before, it is our responsibility to ensure the process is as smooth as it can be.

Blockchain still has a way to go in terms of UI and UX. Brave is definitely at the forefront on this measure.

Brave integrates its BAT token. You can read more on their website but here’s a brief explanation.

Brave is based on a triangular model, with three stakeholder types:

    1. Advertisers.
    2. Publishers.
    3. Users.

Advertisers pay BATs to place ads onto publishers’ websites. When a user clicks on the ad the publisher receive the BATs. Nothing new here.

However, at the beginning of each month users can claim some free BATs. They surf the web as normal, but at the end of the month, the Brave browser automatically distributes the tokens to the websites the user has visited the most. In this way people that have a website can generate a small income just because users go to their website. And here’s the catch: in order to receive the tokens you need to be a publisher, otherwise Brave keeps the tokens for you until you register.

The model is simply amazing because if you are a blogger just starting out you can start immediately earning a few dollars a month just because people check out what you are doing. And the best part is that the user doesn’t have to do anything, because the money is in paid by the publishers. I believe it is a truly democratic way of improving the way we use the internet.

If your are checking Korporatio in the websites’ lists on your Brave browser you will now see a green badge! 

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