We are extremely happy to announce that Korporatio has closed its first official partnership! 

Introducing OpenGIFT

OpenGIFT is a platform that allows its users to create Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) on the Open Ledger blockchain. This enables them to collaborate on projects and monetise their work.

Let’s say you are out with some friends. And after a few beers (because this is how it happens), you have a great idea and decide to work on it together. To minimize the bureaucracy of your new venture, you set up a DAO. And in this case, you can do it via OpenGIFT.

After few months, you may get some cash together to pay a few freelancers to execute specific tasks. You also start gaining traction. Somehow, your dream and experiment is becoming real. And while at an event, a few business angels agree to invest in your company.

At this point, you need a real entity as the legal requirements will immediately increase. That’s why you decide to transform your DAO into an actual company via Korporatio.


This is now possible thanks to our partnership with OpenGIFT. People who are not sure whether to set up a company for their nascent project, can set up a DAO – for free – with OpenGIFT. On the other hand, DAOs on OpenGIFT that are reaching critical mass, can convert into a legally recognised company with Korporatio, a Smart Company.


This partnership will help introduce entrepreneurs to the power of the blockchain in running a business.


The OpenGIFT team is great at both comms and tech. As we have mentioned before, it is essential to create great solutions for our users and this is the reason why we’re working with OpenGIFT. It’s not just an idea, but a product with organisations already working on the platform.

We are also creating the a OpenGIFT OS Project – a laboratory for our company. This will help Korporatio to find key talents to add to our team, boosting our technical firepower, accelerating our dev cycle and to be as transparent as possible with those who wish to learn more about our project.

The OS Project details are under wraps for the time being, but you’re going to love it when we’re ready to unveil. But it is in our interest to collaborate widely, showing our company direction and speed of execution.

We’ll keep you updated on what is happening with the OpenGift partnership and details of  the OS Project as it develops.

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