Korporatio partners with rapidly growing self-sovereign identity ecosystem: SelfKey

This month, we’re glad to announce our newest partnership with the leading self-sovereign identity platform, SelfKey!

Those of you who are familiar with this space know how identity solutions have been amongst the most popular blockchain use cases over the past years. SelfKey does more though. Not only does it allow identity owners to own, control and manage their digital identity, but starting this year, also access a range of financial and corporate services directly through their wallets on a newly launched Incorporations marketplace.

Sounds pretty good right?

We at Korporatio are right in the heart of this space, incorporating Smart Companies in a number of jurisdictions. This partnership will make the required KYC-verifications for our users even easier.

We had the pleasure to interview Mark McGinn from SelfKey’s strategic partnerships, to learn a bit more: 

Can you tell us how SelfKey got started and why? 

Mark: SelfKey started as a way to streamline the repetitive KYC processes users have to go through when registering for financial and corporate services online. We wanted to create a reusable digital ID that enables individuals and companies to verify themselves in a fast, easy and secure manner, without oversharing their data.

Makes sense. What about your marketplace – how would I benefit from it as a founder or a business?

Mark: The SelfKey Marketplace allows founders and businesses to create a corporate ID and instantly sign up for a wide range of services, such as setting up a foreign bank account or incorporating overseas.

So what’s been the most exciting part of your journey with SelfKey so far? 

Mark: The most exciting part of my journey with SelfKey so far was when the Bank Accounts Marketplace was released. It was—and still is—the only blockchain application that allows you to open personal and corporate bank accounts from within a crypto wallet.

Now back to our very own Stefano Covolan, what’s the best thing about this partnership for our users? 

Stef:  We are always on the lookout for great products to integrate within our ecosystem. SelfKey’s solution will allow all business owners to send KYC processes to all the people they want to add as shareholders. It is a very important milestone because it brings us closer to have a full pain-free solution to incorporate and manage a private company. 


You heard it guys, the focus is on making business governance a hassle-free experience. Thanks so much Mark and Stefano. This is an exciting partnership with both ventures on a mission to make corporate workflows easy! 

You can learn more about SelfKey here or if you’re even more curious, jump in and test our demo

Thanks for reading!