Korporatio from Esperanto: corporation, company.

This world is embedded in every aspect of our company, right to the core. Esperanto aimed to be a universal language, to remove barriers and to allow individuals to communicate effectively despite race, nationality, education, or social class. Korporatio, inspired by Esperanto’s vision, aims to create a new generation of truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world.

A new era in which everyone can incorporate an affordable company to venture on their dream, and on their own terms.


But let’s take a step back.

Blockchain technology is the core example of how a decentralised world could be possible. Potentially, even better than the current centralised model. A lot of talented people are working, day in and out, to solve complex technical problems that are progressing this technology towards a smoother and more scalable future.

Even at, what one could consider, the beginning of this new era, we’ve seen constant “red-tape” to potential adoptions. The “real world” and the blockchain world are two separate spaces: in a modern society, such separation tends to result in people getting confused and afraid about the other. Old generation vs. young, computer literate vs. illiterate, hence the red-tape.

Solutions such as decentralised organisation models demonstrate the true potential of the blockchain technology. Unfortunately, however, due to the red-tape in several jurisdictions, such solutions are not reckoned with by the ‘real world’ and therefore have no legal application or legitimacy.

Start of Korporatio

Korporatio started from that frustration. What if there was a solution to set up a decentralised organisation model in the real world? Furthermore, what if records of “traditional” companies were represented on smart contracts rather than outdated paper trails?

We all know the tales of how startups are created. Idea, market analysis and figure out if what you’ve got makes sense? Moving further, find possible channels to test the idea, create a MVP, get traction and then release it to the public. If you want to read about all these steps, take a look at the first legally incorporated blockchain company here.

The benefits of a Smart Company (SC) are endless.

These include:

  • Working like a company, with the setup on a par with the cost of a nice dinner.
  • Allowing share transfers, making it easier for investors to liquidate shares and for founders to raise capital.
  • Allowing for an international management board, as there is no requirement for all members to be present to make official company decisions.
  • They are not hybrids, i.e. an action processed on a smart contract has immediate legal value and does not need to be replicated in the traditional paper trail. Without any extra steps, and while reducing the risk of fraudulent activity.


Our vision is to ‘create a generation of world citizens‘, our mission is ‘to deliver solutions able to decentralise business and legal processes‘.


Finally, each SC is a combination of an actual, real legal entity in compliance with incorporation laws, and the deployment of that company on the blockchain. Each SC has standard decentralised organisation model features, such as voting systems and share transfers. On top of this, there are few additional features. Member records, authorisation to join companies, and auto-generated statement after every share transfer and voting resolution. These thereby enable the functioning of the SCs.

This is just the beginning. There is so much more work to do to create a solution that is easy and practical for everyone to use!


What’s next?

We are currently improving the on-boarding process in order to make it as simple as possible. First step, integrate an automated KYC solution. Everything in one click, removing the need to submit any identification documents.

2018’s goal is to increase the footprints in the number of SCs we will create. We also aim to grow the number of jurisdictions that will approve our model.

On top of business development, we will drive our resources to develop new features for our SCs in order to offer to our clients a better user experience. In particular, an area where we are currently not investing enough time and attention is the UI/UX of the dApp. We understand that this is absolutely essential to make user’s life way easier.

We believe in our publicly stated goals help our community to understand where we are focusing our attention and resources. Namely, we will publish a more detailed quarter-to-quarter roadmap  in the future, with our goals for growth clearly defined. But for the time being, we feel it is important to share our vision with the community. 

We strongly believe that only together will we be able to achieve such results. This is not a single individual’s frustration; this is the whole community’s issue of taking back our business and our lives. That’s why we want to know what you are looking for. We want this to be designed by users for users… and we will do the hard work.