It’s a new year, but some old practices are still with us. Let’s welcome our first monthly recap of 2019!


Korporatio aims to create a new generation of cutting-edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world. A new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and realize their dreams.



We published an article in the beginning of the month about our brand new partnership with Blockpass. The integration is fully up and running, and the code works smooth like butter.

The work for the version 2.0 of our Dashboard has started as well. To keep things transparent we will update our demo version along with our first release. We are using a pure agile model to develop everything. This would also allow to issue new updates quite often and keep everybody in the loop.

Once we will publish the first update we will use this section of the monthly recap more as a tutorial section. We will explain all new features and thoughts behind the design process.



You probably have seen it already, but if you missed, Lulu has published her first article.

That same article was also reposted by Hackernoon. Considering the  number of claps that we have received, we have also opened our Medium page. We will use the account to share some general content around the Smart Companies world.

January has also seen a lot of mentions coming from different sources:

  1. Blockpublisher has asked thoughts about the future of BTC, if BTC has the potential to become a global currency and if the blockchain is the new internet.
  2. Bitnewstoday wrote an article about which jurisdictions are attracting most investments in the blockchain space.
  3. StartupItalia has mentioned the top 7 Startups run by Italians featuring  Korporatio as one of them.
  4. The Nasdaq, along with many others, has published about our partnership with Blockpass.

We have  a total count of 13 articles mentioning Korporatio, just this month. It is extremely nice to not have to talk only about Smart Companies, but about the entire blockchain space. We need to ensure this good trend will continue!



As mentioned at the beginning and in a separate article we have launched our partnership with Blockpass. The partnership is quite simple, from today, if you don’t have your notarized documents to run the KYC, just download Blockpass and run the KYC/AML via them.

We believe we have already covered a lot of how this partnership will make us stronger. And it has been a real pleasure working with the team at Blockpass. For anybody positive of building a good ecosystem, check them out, because they are extremely good to collaborate with.

The second partnership we want to cover is about an old partner, MundoOffshore. MundoOffshore has published an article, in Spanish, all about the Smart Companies. The team has decided to support us in a more direct way as they like a lot what we are doing and they see the potential. We will probably have a mini-series of articles all translated in Spanish to start serving a new linguistic part of the world. As usual, our mission won’t change!



Korporatio, as of today, is available only in the Republic of Seychelles. As mentioned in the year review article, it is essential to expand our model to more places. We have build a small roadmap to try to get in contact with few other offices around the world. One of our main goal for 2019 is to bring the Smart Company model to at least another country.

Probably less interesting, we have also updated our incorporation form. From this month onwards, you will be able to request your Smart Company directly online, without even having to chat with us. This form is a beta version, as it got approved with few of our new clients. However, we need to make few changes to make it a bit easier in terms of UX. Once we are happy with the data we will move to improve the UI.


This is it for January!
If you have any question, as usual, drop us a line at join our Discord.